OR you need training to create / update your website.   

Your business needs a new website


Here are a few design details to consider


Will your site be selling a product or a service? Or will it be sharing information?

Most websites are a mix of both products and information.


Who will view your website and read your text? Who is your business focussing on?
Your existing customers plus attracting new customers.
Eg. are you appealing to small businesses, individuals, clubs or organisations, families, teachers or students? One specific demographic?


Creating your site

Ask yourself these FIVE questions to get your website started. 

1. Which tabs or pages do you need to include? Four, five or six tabs are best. Here's some ideas:

  • About you / about your company / about your products

  • A photo gallery

  • Online sales

  • Testimonials

  • FAQs

  • Contact us

  • Search

  • Links


Links in and out of your website are essential as they create regular traffic and improve your website's

visibility to Google and other Search Engines -that is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.  Do you have a current link to another website, a YouTube clip, a Wiki page, or an Etsy site?

2. Do you wish to include extra visual or audio elements?

Eg. a video, a graph, a music file, an animation, a review, a contact form, a blog, a questionnaire, an artwork, a table, a map, a flowchart, a price list or a visitor counter?


3. Will you include social media links? Eg. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram?



4. What is the best, most logical Domain name for your business?

Choose the minimum of words with the closest match to your Business name eg. www.ikea.com
or use your own name eg. www.brucefuhrer.com


5. Do you have a deadline?
A workshop, an event, or a big SALE coming up?


Collect your resources together onto a USB drive or into one folder so we can get started:

  • YOUR company logo.      



  • 5, 10 or even 20 photos. Clear appealing photos polish your site more than phone pics do.
    We can organise a professional photographer, if you do wish to use better quality photos. 

  • A marketing pitch about yourself, your products or your services.

  • Some text of your vision, reviews, opinions, advice or your products.

Designing your website

Weaving the threads of your site together requires a very clear picture of your business needs.
Book in our first website design meeting ~ or just a friendly chat together here:

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